Live Better with Chronic Pain—Wednesdays Telehealth Sessions

Group Leader

  • Peter Tsurkis, LCSW

If you are living with chronic pain (lasting more than three months), then this telehealth counseling group will give you the skills to improve your quality of life! The group leader will guide group members as they learn proven strategies to interrupt the cycle of pain and reclaim the ability to engage in activities that matter to them. Sessions will draw from cognitive behavioral therapy and chronic pain reprocessing techniques and cover topics such as:

  • The Stress–Judging–Pain Connection
  • Identifying Automatic Thoughts and Creating New Ones
  • Muscle Relaxation and Coping Self Statements
  • Observing and Letting Go

Participation requires advance screening and evaluation to be billable to Medicare and other insurance.

Live Better with Chronic Pain





Bernard Horwich Building-Virtual Zoom Meeting
3003 West Touhy
Chicago, IL 60645
United States

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