Insights on Aging—Making Good Decisions About Taking Medication

Presented by:

  • Nina J. Henry, LCPC, CADC
    Addiction Specialist & Mental Health Educator, JCFS Chicago

For many older adults, there is that nagging question: “Should I take something for this condition?” Often, older adults are taking five or more medications and are hesitant to add another. A friend may recommend an over-the-counter medication that they claim is a “life changer.” An adult child may suggest an herbal supplement that appears to have some evidence based support for its effectiveness. Every specialist consulted may encourage the addition of yet one more medication to treat a very specific symptom. Social media and on line searches can provide a lot of information but it is challenging to wade through it all and to know what is trustworthy. This presentation will help participants sort through confusing information about medications and clarify how you and your physician can work together to determine what is the best decision for you.

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Insights on Aging--Making Good Decisions About Taking Medication








Bernard Horwich Building-Virtual Zoom Meeting
3003 W Touhy
Chicago, IL 60645
United States

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