Insights on Aging—How to Cope with Reopening Anxiety

Speaker: Sharon Dornberg-Lee, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor, CJE Counseling Services

As more and more people are being vaccinated, the CDC relaxes some guidelines about getting together with others, and the weather improves, many are beginning—ever so slowly—to venture out to stores, social activities or even planning travel. For many, if not most, this time of change is anxiety provoking. We read about new variants and “break through cases” of COVID among those who have been vaccinated that, while rare, make this a challenging time to navigate. What is safe? What isn’t? How does one handle it when their own conclusions about what they are and are not comfortable doing is at odds with family members or friends? This program will provide some tools and strategies to cope with reopening anxiety and how best to traverse these turbulent waters.

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Insights on Aging How to Cope with Reopening Anxiety








Bernard Horwich Building-Virtual Zoom Meeting
3003 W Touhy
Chicago, IL 60645
United States

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