Grandparents, Grandfriends and Beyond

Repeats every 1st Tuesday of the month.

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CJE in partnership with Chai Mitzvah bring you Grandparents, Grandfriends, and Beyond!

Join together with other grandparents and grandfriends* once each month to explore exciting and meaningful materials from Jewish text and tradition. Take what you have learned and share it with your school age grandchildren between sessions. Come back each month to share your experience and start fresh with another Jewish topic.

*This program is not just for grandparents, but for any older adult who wants to connect with a younger friend such as nieces and nephews or family friends.


Sometimes we need to turn off our “autopilot.” By practicing mindfulness, we can shift our behavior from involuntary reflexes to conscious choices. That means we can be more aware of everything around us, including our relationships and beliefs. We will explore texts, conversations, and activities that focus on the tools Judaism provides to help us be more mindful of the small details of our daily lives; of how we impact others and they us; and of our everyday blessings.

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Sharing your Love of Judaism with the Next Generation








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