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Repeats every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.

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My Go-To Place is a weekly drop-in social event where participants enjoy programming that includes education, socialization and art. Check for weekly program descriptions. Our Tuesday program is brought to you in conjunction with JCC Community Tuesdays.


Tuesday, May 24—Community Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to join Hugh Leeman for a discussion on the confluence of faiths in art, trade, and ideas that continue to be a part of our world today. From the Yuan and Ming dynasties to Islam, Christianity, and the Illiterati turning their backs on society, we discover an ancient idea remade in the minds of the masses.

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Chinese Art through the Ages



Tuesday, May 31—Community Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to join Kurt Loeffler for a lecture that celebrates the monumental musical contributions of African Americans. We trace its origins to the original "slavery songs" from the south and their evolution into Blues, Jazz, Rock 'n' Roll, Hip-Hop and Rap. All of these genres have had an enormous musical, sociological and cultural impact on the black and white experience in the United States and worldwide popularity.

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Tuesday, June 14—Community Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to join Kurt Loeffler for a fascinating lecture on the lives of Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller. Both musicians developed into excellent instrumentalists but even greater composers and arrangers whose new musical vocabulary lay the groundwork for post WWII jazz. The two most popular bandleaders of the 1930's and 40's had radically different styles and their music often reflected their complicated and creative personalities. We'll also take a closer look at their early musical roots and influences.

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Tuesday, June 28—Community Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to join Hugh Leeman as we examine symbolism, realism, and the story that gave birth to globalization. Traders, boat builders, and risk-takers wander across the canvas as we see desired autonomy influence resistance to the world's first superpower.

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