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Tuesday, December 5Community Days: Exploring the Jewish History of Harlem with Barry Judeleman

Take a virtual stroll through the neighborhood and hear about famous people of this often forgotten segment of Jewish history, as well as learning about Harlem’s legendary Jewish institutions – many of which transformed the Judaism of today’s world.

Discuss sites such as Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein's trendsetting Institutional Synagogue, (affectionately known as the "shul with the pool") and the magnificent Temple Israel by noted Jewish architect, Arnold Brunner. Discuss the "Commandment Keepers" – (Harlem's Ethiopian Hebrew Synagogue,) Ohab Zedek, the synagogue of the world-famous cantor Yossele Rosenblatt - (considered the uncrowned king of cantorial music,) and Ansche Chesed, one of the oldest congregations in the United States.

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Tuesday, December 12Community Days: A Night at the Oscars: Best Picture Spotlight

It's time to get red carpet ready and delve into the history of the Best Picture category! Join Film Historian Dr. Annette Bochenek as she presents the evolution of the Best Picture category and memorable Best Picture contenders.

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Tuesday, January 9Community Days: After Al: The Mob Moves Into the Modern Era (Part 2) With Clarence Goodman

Though Al Capone was safely behind bars, the story of the Chicago Mob was hardly at its end. On the contrary, the Mob was pivoting from its over-the-top methods of the Beer Wars to the subtle hand that would be needed for the years of repeal. To learn more please join Clarence Goodman for

Musician, historian, and radio personality Clarence Goodman has been all over the place and all over the map. From entertaining senior citizens at retirement communities to performing at wine bars, and from giving "virtual tours" based on Chicago history to leading actual physical tours around the Windy City and to hosting inciteful, provocative radio programs, he has quickly earned a reputation since returning to his hometown.


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Support for these programs had been graciously provided by The Albert and Lucille Delighter and Marcella Winston Foundation, a Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.

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