Ethics Committee

People are faced daily with ethical questions, and sometimes they need others to provide guidance so that decisions may be made. The Ethics Committee at CJE SeniorLife provides education, consultation and support for clients, residents, staff, families and others with ethical issues that cannot be resolved within the context of current policies and procedures and care management protocols. The Committee advises staff and clients regarding difficult issues in a nonjudgmental setting. The purpose is to offer clarification, guidance, and to serve as a resource.

Circumstances when an Ethics Committee consultation might be helpful

  • When initiating or withdrawing treatment raises questions.
  • When clients/residents, members of the family or staff disagree about a plan of care.
  • When determining whether a client or resident is able to make decisions concerning his or her own care.
  • When individual rights and community rights are in conflict.
  • When a treatment desired by the client or resident is contrary to the values of those responsible for their care.
  • When values or cultural backgrounds of individual clients or residents clash and the issues cannot be resolved by staff intervention.
  • When individual care needs and current policies and procedures are in conflict.
  • When decision making regarding medical treatments and/or end of life care is not possible without additional resources or guidance.

Who can contact the Ethics Committee?
CJE clients, residents in CJE facilities, family members, staff, volunteers, Board members or visitors can raise an issue for the Committee’s review by contacting CJE’s chaplain or a member of the Social Services Department, Service Coordinator, or by leaving a confidential message for the Ethics Committee at 847.929.3333. A Committee member will respond within two business days with further information on how the request will be handled.

Have questions for the Ethics Committee?
Inquiries are kept confidential.
Call 847.929.3333 or email

Confidentiality is a primary concern and a key to making the work of the Ethics Committee effective. Ethics Committee members are required to keep information confidential.



How We Can Help You Navigate Complex Eldercare Issues

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Комитет по вопросам этики: Как мы можем помочь в решении сложных вопросов ухода за пожилыми людьми

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