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We offer both live scheduled programs as well as recorded programs that may be viewed any time. For live programming, you can join us from a telephone, tablet or computer. Scroll through our pages and links and you are sure to find something that piques your interest. Have an idea for us? Email us at community.engagement@cje.net.

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Monday at the Movies

2nd  Monday of each month, at 1 pm
We’ll explore groundbreaking films, musicals, historical biographies, animation, American classics, and so much more!  

Join us for a discussion on the 1987 multiple Oscar-winning romantic comedy, “Moonstruck”.
Register for our movie presentation on:
February 14 >>>


Community Tuesdays—My Go-To Place

2nd & 4th Tuesday at 12 pm

Tuesday, February 11—Community Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to join Esther Craven for coffee and stimulating conversation at what we like to call Zoomers Cafe! There is so much for us to talk about! Join Esther to see friendly faces, share your thoughts on provoking questions, and connect over a cup of coffee! You won’t want to miss out on our lively discussion! Register for Februry 8 >>>

Tuesday, February 22—Community Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to Join artist and educator Hugh Leeman in a grand tour of Renaissance Europe. We will discover empire, Islam, and globalism in Spain, France, Germany, and beyond. We will discuss how the Renaissance paved the way for our modern world yet was ultimately pulled apart by a war within. Register for February 22 >>>

Tuesday, March 22—Community Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to join Hugh Leeman as we go beneath Rome's soil to the secret that accelerated the rise of a republic transformed through art. Register for March 22 >>>

Grandparents, Grandfriends and Beyond

1st Tuesday of the month, at 2-3 pm

*This program is not just for grandparents, but for any older adult who wants to connect with a younger friend such as nieces and nephews or family friends.

Join us to explore this concept and to find creative ways to bring Gratitude into your life!

Register for our monthly meet on:
February 1 >>>


Wednesday Specials: Michelangelo In Rome Virtual Tour

Michelangelo is one of the most famous artists of Italy. His masterpieces are universally known: the Sistine Chapel, the David, the Pietà, the Moses. But who was Michelangelo as a man? What were his dreams, fears, and obsessions? Who were his friends and enemies? Italian Tour Guide Simone Lanna will help us explore the glory of his art and the darkness of his soul using 360° views of his most famous pieces from the Renaissance.

Register for this Virtual Tour on March 9 >>>


My Go-To Place

Thursdays at 1 pm

Back by Popular Demand!
Thursday, February 27My Go-To Place, invites you to join Canadian musician Rob Lutes for The Stories Behind the Songs. This program takes participants through the history of popular music in America and Canada—from its earliest iterations in the 18th and 19th centuries through the flowering of genres like blues, ragtime, country, rock 'n' roll, and more. Register for January 27 >>>

Thursday, February 3My Go-To Place, invites you to join Tamara Kushnir Groman, JD, Manager of CJE Legal Help Desk for a discussion on several aspects of moving including finances, physical health needs, and practical planning. Register for February 3 >>>

Thursday, February 10My Go-To Place  invites you to join professor Catherine Zurybida as we look at the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago (then town) to see where he succeeded and where it didn't work out as he planned. Register for February 10 >>>


Mindfulness with Chloe

Fridays at 10 am
Chloe Gremaud, LCSW from CJE SeniorLife’s Counseling Services will lead group participants in mindfulness exercises that help support mental wellness. Building the ability to stay present can help participants to cope with stress and uncertainty and reduce negative thinking.

Join our Zoom meetings.




Insights on Aging—How Changing Health Behaviors Can Impact Mental and Physical Health

Friday, February 11 at 11 am

Whether it is exercise, diet, meditation, or even flossing your teeth, consistently engaging in healthy behaviors is hard! This session will provide an overview of the science of how we create healthier habits. The lecturer will focus on specific techniques and tweaks to routines that can be done to create more consistent positive mental and physical health behaviors.

Register for this event on February 11 >>>







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