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We offer both live scheduled programs as well as recorded programs that may be viewed any time. For live programming, you can join us from a telephone, tablet or computer. Scroll through our pages and links and you are sure to find something that piques your interest. Have an idea for us? Email us at community.engagement@cje.net.

Our Cyber Club pages are constantly being updated with new programs and videos so check back often!

Join Our Live Zoom Activities 5 Days a Week

Move It Monday!

Monday, August 3, 1-1:30 pm. Join Margaret Danilovich, Board-certified Geriatric Physical Therapist and Senior Director of the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute at CJE SeniorLife, for a 30-minute fitness class. This week's class is "Barre." You don't have to be a ballerina to enjoy the benefits of this low-impact, ballet-inspired exercise class. No equipment is needed, and all activities can be done sitting or standing to accommodate all fitness levels.

Bingocize® Online with CJE

Join the Falls Prevention Team for Bingocize®—a 10-week program that meets twice a week and combines a bingo-like game with exercise and health education. You must sign up to participate so that we can mail you a Bingo card to use during the class. Spots are limited—register here: https://bit.ly/CJEBingocize. If you can’t make that class, but would like to keep updated about future Falls Prevention programs, join our mailing list here: https://www.cje.net/falls

My Go-To Place—Community Tuesdays

Tuesday, August 4, 12 pmCommunity Tuesdays My Go-To Place invites you to join Religious Life Coordinator at CJE SeniorLife, Jenn Hipps for a presentation about the most romantic day of the Jewish calendar, Tu B’Av! Learn about the historical significance of this special day and why it is one of the most popular days for Jewish weddings!

For the Health of It

Wednesday, July 29 & August 5, 1 pmPositive Approach® to Care (PAC) Workshop: Normal Aging vs. Not Normal Aging. This interactive workshop will be facilitated by Christie Norrick, a PAC Certified MSW at CJE SeniorLife's Leonard Schanfield Research Institute. The workshop will build dementia awareness, knowledge, and skills of participants. The course is designed for community members including older adults, care partners, as well as professionals in the field of aging.

My Go-To Place—Thursdays

Thursday, July 30, 1 pm—My Go-To Place is happy to welcome CJE volunteer Rick Lynn for a TED talk video and discussion. TED talks are short and powerful talks devoted to sharing ideas ranging from science to business to global issues. Join us in watching and discussing “How to Live to be 100+,” an enthralling talk about the path to long life and health.

Thursday, August 6, 1 pm—My Go-To Place invites you to join Kurt Loeffler in his music lecture series, “After the Big Bands- Be Bop and the Art of Improvisation.” Kurt will take us back in time to explain the fascinating musical evolution away from the Big Band sound.

Mindfulness with Chloe

There will be no class on August 28

Fridays, 10 am—Chloe Gremaud, LCSW from CJE SeniorLife’s Counseling Services will lead group participants in mindfulness exercises that help support mental wellness. Building the ability to stay present can help participants to cope with stress and uncertainty and reduce negative thinking.

Artsy Talks With Bri

Mondays, 10 am—Join "Artsy Talks With Bri" with Briana Redding, Creative Art Therapist at CJE Adult Day Services! This Zoom program incorporates art discussions based on famous artists with a combination of related self-care topics. Come learn about art while discussing how to maintain self-care from the comfort of your home! All art discussions are accompanied by an interactive packet.

Yiddish Tish

Tuesdays, 11 am—Join CJE Volunteer, Jay Lewkowitz, for all things Yiddish from cultural discussions to movies. Open to all levels of Yiddish speakers and those interested in Yiddish language and culture. Kum mit unz, und mach a leiben! 

Legends in Music

Wednesday, August 5, 10-11 am—This week's program will highlight the dazzling career of Liza Minnelli. Best known for her Academy Award-winning performance in Cabaret, she became a popular performer thanks to her energetic stage presence and her powerful singing voice. The program will include incredible duets with Liza and her mother Judy Garland and her most memorable performances. For music lovers of all cognitive memory levels!

Music with Cassandra

Thursdays, 10 am—join a live music program by CJE’s music therapist, Cassandra Fox. Accessible to all community members including those with mild and moderate dementia.

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Take care of your health with simple and attainable practices for your mind, body and spirit through exercise, yoga and meditation. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification bell to be notified every time we add a new video!

Arts and Crafts

Through our virtual arts and crafts programs, you have the opportunity to learn how to create fun, new projects at home. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification bell to be notified every time we add a new video!

Cyber Club Reading

Preparing for Medical Emergencies during Covid-19

Regular medical needs haven’t stopped just because Covid-19 has taken the front seat in the news. Whether your medical emergency arises from coronavirus or any other illness or accident, being prepared will help you get the best possible medical care.

L’dor v’dor—The Bonds Between Generations

There is a saying in Judaism— L’dor v’dor which literally means from generation to generation. Typically, it is understood to mean the transmission of the culture’s values, rituals, traditions, and history to the next generation.

Connecting and Coping While Sheltering in Place

We know emotional reactions to this emerging health crisis are expected, especially during a significant holiday season for many. Older adults who live alone or are not receiving visitors while sheltering in place are some of the most vulnerable in our community in need of connection. Please take a moment to contact family and friends and check in with them on how they are coping.

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