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We offer both live scheduled programs as well as recorded programs that may be viewed any time. For live programming, you can join us from a telephone, tablet or computer. Scroll through our pages and links and you are sure to find something that piques your interest. Have an idea for us? Email us at community.engagement@cje.net.

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Move It Monday—Strength & Balance

Mondays at 11 am
Move it Monday with Kate!Join us for a class focusing on strength and balance. Have a sturdy chair, a water bottle handy, a pair of weights (soup cans or water bottles in lieu of) and resistance bands (a hand towel or a tie can work instead).

Partly supported by JCC Chicago and The Albert and Lucille Delighter and Marcella Winston Foundation, a Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.

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Monday at the Movies

2nd  Monday of each month, at 1 pm
We’ll explore groundbreaking films, musicals, historical biographies, animation, American classics, and so much more!

Join us for a discussion on the 2013 film, Saving Mr. Banks. Emma Thompson stars as author P.L. Travers who reflects on her childhood after reluctantly meeting with Walt Disney, who seeks to adapt her Mary Poppins books for the big screen.

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Community Days

Every Tuesday at 1 pm

Tuesday, December 13—Community Days invites you to join Kurt Loeffler for a program discussing Jewish American composers.

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Tuesday, December 20—Community Days invites you to join David Krosse on his journey through America’s National Park  System.

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Tuesday, December 27—Community Days invites you to join Hugh Leeman for Transformative Featherworks in the Ancient Americas.

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Tuesday, January 3—Community Days invites you to join Carol Salus, Professor Emerita, Kent State University for The Beautiful and Ugly Sides of Degas: The Dreyfus Affair.

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Tuesday, January 17—Community Days invites you to join Brian Rose for From Carson to Oprah to Stephen Colbert: A History of the TV Talk Show.

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My Go-To Place

Thursdays at 1 pm

Thursday, December 15My Go-To Place invites you to join The Lyric Opera Stage Artists.

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Thursday, December 22My Go-To Place invites you to join Catherine Zurybida for a presentation on The Vienna Genesis.

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Thursday, December 29My Go-To Place invites you to join historian Paula Fenza for a presentation on Arlington National Cemetery.

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Thursday, January 5My Go-To Place invites you to join Canadian musician Rob Lutes for The Stories Behind the Songs.

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Thursday, January 12My Go-To Place invites you to join The Illinois Holocaust Museum for Chim: Between Devastation and Resurrection shines a light on the work of one of the most respected photojournalists of his day.

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Thursday, January 19My Go-To Place invites you to join Kelli Mitchell from Chicago Movie Tours for Film Noir: Hollywood's Darkest Timeline.

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Thursday, January 26My Go-To Place invites you to join professor Orin Grossman for a pre-recorded lecture on “Nobody Does it Better: Jewish Musicians Who Influenced Pop Culture”.

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End Of Year Stress Reduction Workshop

Consistent mindfulness practices have been shown to help aid in better digestion, improved sleep, reduction of stress levels, and much more.

Join us for a mindfulness workshop that will start off with a meditation/visualization, then lead into gentle movement and stretching. We’ll conclude with breath-work practices and prompted journaling.

For more information, contact community.engagement@cje.net or 773.508.1089.

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