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Ways to Stay Connected to Loved Ones During the Pandemic
Even in this challenging time of separation from your loved ones, your connection to them remains vitally important.   We hope the following suggestions will help you to maintain a close connection with your loved ones until you are able to once again visit in person.
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The Consumer Assistance team of highly experienced Resource Specialists is available to help you identify and apply for the broadest possible range of benefits and support services available to older adults.

CJE’s Consumer Assistance staff provides a person-centered service that helps people find ways to reduce expenses and increase income so they can live in the community with dignity and respect as they age.  Service is available at many locations across Chicagoland in English and Russian. 

All assistance through CJE SeniorLife is free of charge.



More information about Consumer Assistance

Benefits Counseling

CJE SeniorLife staff are available to assist clients by phone with a variety of services. Please call 773.508.1100 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entry Group Resource Specialists can answer a brief question about eligibility or provide an in-depth consultation about where to seek assistance based on a particular situation. Please call 773.508.1100 for more information.

Housing Resource Center

Our Resource Specialists provide information about a variety of housing options available not just through CJE. Please call 773.508.1100 for more information.

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

If CJE cannot meet your needs, we will attempt to refer you to another community agency. It is our goal to assist you in getting connected with the services and benefits you need.