Center for Heart Health

Lieberman Center for Heart Health is a specialty unit that provides in-patient, after-hospital care and rehabilitation for patients who have been hospitalized for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) or a condition that causes it.

The Center for Heart Health features

  • Expert leadership by prominent Cardiologist
  • All-private rooms for comfort and privacy that speeds recovery
  • Advanced heart health technology for most up-to-date, accurate monitoring
  • Person-centered care including individualized care plans
  • Effective multidisciplinary team approach for improved quality of care
  • Holistic focus on medical, physical, emotional and spiritual  aspects of care

A dedicated leader and team for optimal care

Center for Heart Health Team:

  • Physiatrist (a certified rehabilitation physician)
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Registered Dietician
  • Social Workers
  • Rehabilitation Therapists
  • Pastoral Staff.

Multidisciplinary and holistic approach  for comprehensive, advanced care

  • We are committed to a multidisciplinary approach
    • With a team of specialists that can fulfill the diverse needs of patients
    • With the of improved outcomes
  • We prepare you with  heart management strategies that you can continue at home
    • Rehabilitation therapists demonstrate exercises that keep oxygen levels up
    • Dieticians teach individual meal planning
    • Social workers provide ongoing emotional support
    • Transitional Care Nurse coaches and follows up to facilitate a successful transition back home.
  • We treat the whole person with focus on the — medical, physical, psycho-social, spiritual and emotional.

Contact us to work with your physician to arrange a stay at the Center for Heart Health following your hospitalization.

Medicare and selected insurance plans are accepted.

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