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Fund-a-Need, Dorothy

Dorothy is an 86 year-old woman who lives by herself, who loves to bake chocolate chip cookies. She bakes when she is nervous, which is often. She regularly has to make the choice between paying for her prescriptions that Medicare won’t cover, and paying her electric bill. She contacted CJE Consumer Assistance and our professionals were able to help her find ways to pay for medical and dental bills, prescriptions, and even how to save on her utility bills. She now bakes chocolate chip cookies for fun.



Fund-a-Need, Milton

Milton lives in Chicago, but all his children and grandchildren have moved away. He will tell you stories of the Thanksgiving dinners for 30 he used to prepare, but now just cooking for himself is exhausting. With Home Delivered Meals, Milton receives fresh, nutritious meals. He has become good friends with Jane, the volunteer who delivers his meals every day.  It was Jane who noticed Milton seemed confused on a recent visit. Jane called CJE, who through Milton’s daughter, arranged for Milton to go to the doctor, where they found he‘d suffered a stroke. Milton is doing fine now, and still gets is excited to see Jane when she comes to visit.



Fund-a-Need, Sam

Sam had to stop driving recently and he was very concerned that it would be the end of his independence. Then his friend Barbara told him about the CJE Shalom Buses. He is now able to get a ride to the grocery store, to medical appointments, the senior center to play cards with his friends and so much more.





Fund-a-Need, Doug

Doug’s mother has Alzheimer’s and has started to wander. He thought he would have to leave his full time job to care for his mother, but he knew that wasn’t a viable option because they needed his income. His mother started participating in Adult Day Services, where she has a full day of activities from art to dance to exercise programs. Doug is so relieved to know that his mother is in a fun, structured and safe environment while he was at work.




Fund-a-Need, Eileen

Eileen cares for her son who has a developmental disability. She loves her son dearly, but needs support and ongoing education to best take care of him, and best take care of herself. Eileen makes the 1-hour drive to participate in group counseling and support groups where she is able to interact with other older caregivers. Eileen says it is worth every minute of the drive if it means she can be a better person and a better mother.




Fund-a-Need, Flora

Flora is a vibrant, active woman who is recently widowed and was looking for ways to fill her days. Her friend Bonnie invited her to join her at a scrabble club organized by CJE Community Engagement Department. Flora left that afternoon with a few new friends and plans to attend an exercise class that following Thursday.





Fund-a-Need, Sarah

Sarah has lived at Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation for 3 years after she suffered a stroke. She has made significant improvements thanks to the music and art therapy programs, as well as other Life Enrichment Programs that are offered. She loves to show her grandchildren her paintings and talking about the recent book they read in book club when they come to visit.




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