CJE Care Management Services


Our talented, experienced and compassionate team of social workers collaborates with and empowers older adults in our community so they may live independently for as long as possible.

We are professional master’s level social workers who are Certified Care Managers with the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM) and have extensive expertise and skills in aspects of aging.

Together, we maximize older adults’ independencesupporting health, safety and well-being, and fostering dignity and quality of lifecreating peace of mind for all.

We use a holistic, person-centered approach to offer older adults and their families support, guidance, referrals and direct services.


What We Do:

  • Provide a complimentary consultation for first-time callers to give preliminary recommendations and resource referrals.
  • Conduct a comprehensive in-home social work assessment of an older adult’s strengths, health, personal capabilities, support systems, environmental safety, and their financial and legal situation.
  • Collaboratively develop a personalized care plan—and implement, monitor, and modify as needed.
  • Respect the older adult and family’s right to self-determination in all areas of assessment and care plan development.
  • Assist and advocate for older adults and their families in navigating complex medical systems; offering the ability to join medical, dental or specialty appointments.
  • Provide ongoing communication and follow up with those involved in older adult’s day-to-day life.
  • Facilitate referrals for in-home caregiver agencies and maintain oversight to ensure optimal care.
  • Coordinate with older adult and family members in planning and managing neurocognitive conditions, as well as end-of-life issues.
  • Guide in admission or discharge during transitions to and from hospital, rehab and home.
  • Address family caregiver stress through education, advocacy, referrals to Adult Day Services, respite care and caregiver support groups.
  • Coordinate internal referrals within CJE programs and services, such as Counseling, Benefits, Food Services, and more.
  • Facilitate referrals to professionals, including medical; legal; home safety; transportation; money management; paperwork organizing; moving assistance; housing options; level of care; and end-of-life care.   
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with all agencies involved in older adult’s care.
  • Provide compassionate, caring emotional support for older adults and their families.


How Our Service Works:

  • For those new to our program, we will conduct a phone intake consultation to give preliminary recommendations and resource referrals. We will also assess your financial and legal situation as to eligibility. Next, we will schedule an in-home visit to meet with you.
  • During the visit, we will speak with you to get a comprehensive understanding of your strengths—what is going well—in addition to your individual needs as part of our assessment. We encourage you to include any family members or caregivers in our visit, if you wish.
  • We can then work with you to co-create a customized care plan to meet your goals. Working together, your social worker will monitor your plan and meet with you monthly in your home to determine what is working well, and what you may wish to change. Throughout our relationship, we will provide advocacy, options and guidance to assist you in achieving your goals.


For Older Adults Who:

Care Management_Older Couple

Are age 60 and older who reside in the community, within program boundaries including  the City of Chicago’s north side, and many near-north, northwest and far north suburbs have the following income and assets:

  • Income below $31,225 (single person) and $42,275 (couple)
  • Assets below $75,000 (single person) and below $150,000 (couple)
  • Home Care Services are available with a cost share of $4.00/hr. for a single adult with income below $18,735 and a couple below $25,365, and $7.00/hr. for single adult with income between $18,736 and $31,225 and for a couple with income between $25,366 and $42,275.
  • Access to free home delivered meals; specialized deep cleaning; and emergency financial assistance.


For Older Adults Who Exceed The Above Financial Criteria:

If your income and assets are in excess of the above criteria, we offer social work (care management) services on a fee-for-service basis:
Our fees are:

  • $150 per hour for advocacy/care management services, billed in 5-minute increments, and invoiced monthly.
  • $75 per hour for shopping services, billed in 5-minute increments and invoiced monthly.
  • We do not charge for mileage to/from older adult visits/appointments.
  • We do charge for transportation/parking expenses while accompanying older adult via any mode of transportation, and for any requested shopping expenses for medical, household or other incidental needs. These charges are added to the monthly invoice.


Care Management_Older Adults

To Get Started with CJE Care Management Services:

Please call 773.508.1000 and mention our Care Management Services program or contact us online (below).

CJE Care Management Services are made possible through the generosity of the Albert & Lucille Delighter & Marcella Winston Foundation, and the Bernard Heerey Family Foundation.

Thanks to these foundations, our program provides approximately 500 assessments for older adults each year. Typically, between 75-100 individuals receive home care services. Also, 25 individuals receive Home-Delivered Meals to make sure that their nutrition needs are being met.

Most importantly, the older adults we serve have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about our program. Our most recent satisfaction survey shows:

  • 100% of participants felt our program improved their situation
  • 95% were satisfied with our program’s services
  • 100% would recommend our program to others


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