Bureau of Sages

The Bureau of Sages is a research advisory board made up of Lieberman Center Community Members.

Members of the Bureau share experiences, build knowledge, and develop skills for working together to provide voice to the direction, design, and implementation of research on aging.

Empowering nursing home community members and stay-at-home elders to learn and collaborate with researchers to advocate for timely, useful studies that matter to them.

Improved lives for older adults as the result of Patient-Centered research.

In order to fulfill our mission and realize our vision for research driven by older adults, the Bureau of Sages aspires to a set of core values to guide our work. These values are defined below:

  1. Speaking Our Language – Using communication strategies that enable older adults to understand researchers and other professionals.
  2. Listening – Fostering the art of listening so that older adults “feel heard.”
  3. Compassion – Taking the time to feel or empathize with what older adults feel.
  4. Mutual Understanding and Respect – Actively reaching out to understand each other in respectful ways.  
  5. Sharing Perspectives through Open Dialogue – Fostering conversations that result in a meeting of the minds through the sharing of diverse views and concerns from all participants on the Bureau.
  6. Unity through Teamwork – Working together as patients and professionals to achieve shared goals and outcomes.


Publication: The Bureau of Sages: Incorporating Older Adult Voice into Meaningful Research

Eisenstein, A.R., Milstein, L., Johnson, R., & Berman, R. (2020). The Bureau of Sages: Incorporating Older Adult Voice into Meaningful Research. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action 14(3), 359-370. doi:10.1353/cpr.2020.0041.


This program was funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (PCORI Engagement Award #2640-CJE). A second Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (7206-CJE) was added for Sages in Every Setting (See below).  LSRI received a third award (18926-CJE) in 2020 for The Sage Resource Project.

In January 2018, the LSRI received a second award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI Engagement Award #7206) to expand and diversify the voice of older adults living with frailty in PCOR/CER by translating Bureau of Sages engagement model to be easily disseminated and implemented into more communities.

The anticipated long-term impact of the Sages in Every Setting project is:

  • The number of engagement bureaus in diverse LTSS settings across the country will increase.
  • Academics will incorporate an expanded/diversified contribution from older adults receiving LTSS into their research.
  • Older adults in other settings will have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to PCOR/CER.
  • Misconceptions that frail older adults are unable to contribute to research will be reduced.

LSRI partners with academic institutions to support the translation of the Bureau of Sages model process.  Academic partners work with providers in creating new research advisory boards. These new advisory boards create their own names, mission, values, and processes for engaging with researchers.