Our Mission and Values

CJE SeniorLife Mission

The mission of CJE SeniorLife is to enhance quality of life and facilitate independence of older adults.

CJE SeniorLife Vision

Older adults living better every day connected to the community of their choice with access to trusted care and full range of services, rooted in Jewish values.

CJE SeniorLife Commitment

We champion older adults and families on their unique journeys, cultivate communities built on innovation, tradition and trust, and help each person in the Jewish and larger community live life to their fullest abilities with dignity and respect.

CJE SeniorLife  Values

“The test of a people is how it behaves toward the old.” —Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
At CJE SeniorLife, we fulfill our mission and realize our vision for and on behalf of our Clients, our Clients’ families, our Staff, our Board Members, and our Volunteers by striving for excellence through Respect, Advocacy, Compassion, Intention, Innovation and Accountability.

We recognize, honor and acknowledge the inherent value of each person, for their wisdom, their culture, their background and their unique history.

We give voice to our clients’ needs and facilitate positive actions on their behalf. We engage state and federal officials to advocate the adoption, preservation and/or modification of governmental programs and practices which benefit our community and clients.

We treat everyone with caring, sensitivity, understanding and supportive responsiveness.

We approach our work and each task with mindful consideration as to what we are doing and why we are doing it, as individuals and as an agency.

Advance our knowledge and strive to develop, evaluate and implement new and advanced programming and models of care to bring benefits to our clients, community and broader older adult/health care environment.

We are responsible individually and as an agency for honest, accurate work and interaction with others. We plan strategically and provide quality care with measurable outcomes with fiscal and ethical responsibility.