Meet our Team

Lieberman is recognized for the high quality of its personnel and their training.

Team members have:

  • Consistently low-turnover with most nurses, CNAs, and social workers averaging 5-plus years of employment.
  • Permanent assignment when possible to specific floors to encourage residents and patients to develop bonds that benefit patient care.
  • Unique staffing by a Physiatrist and Nurse Practitioner.
  • Training in a proprietary  module on working with patients with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Participation in inclusiveness training and sensitivity training for the elder LGBT community.
Meet our Leberman Team

Leadership Team

We retain some of the best leaders and professionals in healthcare, including ones who lead national organizations and engage in academic research and teaching.

Nursing Expert

Nursing Expert

Our nurses, as members of your care teams,  play a key role in helping you achieve your recovery goals.