Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

In October 2017, I announced my retirement from CJE effective March 31, 2018, after 14 years as its President and CEO.   Needless to say, this was a difficult decision because I have been part of the CJE family for decades, getting my first taste of its important work while sitting on the CJE Board as a representative from Jewish Federation’s Young Leadership Division.  It is now time, however, to move on professionally and personally. Given my continued passion for the field and to mentor others, I have a list of work endeavors that I want to explore—teaching and consulting—as well as some opportunities to travel, take classes, swim more, improve my platform tennis game and equally important, spend time with my family.  Not very different than what I have learned from working at CJE—that most people don’t really retire.  I am looking forward to all my new adventures.

But it is also a time to reflect on the past 14 years and how we have matured as an organization during that time.  CJE was just about to celebrate its 33rd anniversary when I came on board, and its long-time leadership had laid a strong foundation, making it a highly-recognized eldercare provider in the Jewish and larger community. Although I had extensive experience in healthcare management, I had a lot to learn about how this large organization worked and what we needed to do as a team to ensure that CJE could fulfill its enduring mission.

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