Awards and Honors

2023 Employees of the Year

Nominated by their peers, Employees of the Year candidates exemplify CJE’s core values of respect, advocacy, compassion, intention, innovation, and accountability. Congratulations to:


Yareni Arias
Activity Worker, Tamarisk Northshore
With CJE since 2020

Yareni Arias: Life Enrichment/Activities – Tamarisk Northshore. Yareni has been with CJE since 2020

Yareni began as a server in 2020 when this community first opened. She later moved to the Life Enrichment/Activities department, where she is an essential part of the team. She helps welcome new residents, runs classes and programs, creates new programs for residents, and is always available to help in every way possible. She is a true asset to the residents and staff at Tamarisk NorthShore. Yareni personifies CJE’s mission and values every day and is an excellent choice for this award!


Jonalyn Martinez Gumaya
Executive Administrative Assistant, Weinberg Community for Senior Living
With CJE since 2002

Jonalyn Martinez Gumaya: Executive Administrative Assistant – Weinberg Community. Jonalyn has been with CJE since 2002

Jonalyn has been with CJE for over 20 years and has served Weinberg Community in multiple departments, including as a Resident Assistant in Personal Care and now in Administration. She holds a critical role within the community and regularly takes on many responsibilities – and goes above and beyond - always with a positive attitude and a smile! She is everyone’s biggest cheerleader and deserves to be recognized for all the hard work she has done and is doing, for CJE. After all these years, Weinberg is a stronger organization because of her contributions. Jonalyn shows her love for CJE through her dedication and hard work and is very deserving of this award.


Oleg Khaiet
Client Services & Data Manager, Holocaust Community Services
With CJE since 2017

Oleg Khaiet, Clinical Services and Data Manager, Holocaust Community Services. Oleg has been with CJE since 2017

Oleg is the anchor of Holocaust Community Services, keeping many responsibilities, colleagues, clients, and himself always grounded. He balances multiple administrative tasks while responding to clients throughout the day - and showing incredible patience and clarity while doing so. He is well loved by clients and staff alike, with an easy going personality and a great sense of humor! Oleg embodies every value CJE promotes, he drives the mission and vision, and HCS depends on him daily. He is an indispensable asset to any team, and we are grateful to have him!


Galina Reznik
Affordable Housing Manager, Swartzberg House
With CJE since 2008

Galina Reznik, Affordable Housing Manager, Swartzberg House. Galina has been with CJE since 2008.

Galina is a very important part of the Affordable Housing Swartzberg team. She focuses on engaging and training our staff in HUD leasing policies and procedures as well as developing the team to effectively engage with our residents and clients. She goes above and beyond to ensure all 115 residents at Swartzberg have the coordinated care needed to live independently. She generously shares her musical talents – playing the violin and singing – with residents and the greater community. She performed at Swartzberg House twice last year as well as at our Festival of Generations 50th Anniversary celebration last August. Galina lives and demonstrates our CJE values through her daily work with residents, employees, and community and is an exemplary candidate for this award.


Congratulations to our winners!


Dan Fagin
President and CEO