Awards and Honors

2020 Employees of the Year

Congratulations to:

  • Oliver Burke, Environmental Services Worker—Lieberman Center—With CJE since 2016

Known as “The Singing Housekeeper,” Oliver soothes and entertains families, residents, and staff with his great singing. His musical talent was even featured at our recent Celebrate CJE Virtual Gala. Oliver is affable, pleasant and a really helpful employee. He is very knowledgeable about his role and even helps train new employees on the 2nd shift. Always prompt and reliable, Oliver is a great example of CJE’s values and provides exceptional customer service.

  • Julio Ramos, Engineering Assistant—Weinberg Community—With CJE since 2006

Julio is completely dedicated to helping out the Weinberg team. He comes to work with a smile and great attitude every day. Despite having a personal injury last year and nearly dying, he has never stopped trying his best for CJE. Julio is a great leader to his team, very skilled in his area and is a great teacher to others. He is a quick learner and during COVID has even learned to make calls to families to prescreen them and schedule patio visits. Julio has stepped into the Team Lead role when needed and has come in numerous times in the middle of the night to help with emergencies. Regardless of the time of day, he has a great attitude. We are so fortunate to have Julio on our team.

  • Catherine Samatas, Manager of Community Engagement—Horwich Building—With CJE since 2017

Cathy has done an amazing job informing, educating, creating and managing CJE’s new presence online. Right from the start of our move to online services, she had the vision to create social and educational programming that we needed to stay visible and connected. All of her staff follow her lead and provide wonderful customer service. She is energetic and creative—always coming up with new ideas. Her mind never stops and she is always looking for ways to innovate and improve our services. Unexpectedly and with no formal training in online education, she has become our sage advisor and manager of online programming. We could not have made this transition with our groups and community education programs without her.