Adult Day Services

cJE SeniorLife Adult Day Services

CJE SeniorLife’s Adult Day Services provide older adults with stimulating, structured programs in a supportive group setting. 

Services are available in several locations - Evanston, Deerfield, downtown Chicago - and people from every ethnic, religious and cultural background attend from all areas of the city and suburbs.

CJE’s ADS programs maximize the potential of each participant, helping improve his or her quality of life while giving caregivers a much-needed respite.  Each participant’s individuality, independence and dignity are celebrated.

A Unique Community of Peers and Caregivers

CJE’s Adult Day programs provide a warm, caring community to participants and their family members.  Participants thrive in CJE’s lively atmosphere.  Caregivers benefit from having valuable time to themselves, access to CJE SeniorLife’s entire network of care and emotional support from others in similar caregiving situations.  

Creative and Engaging Programs

Our creative, holistic approach to adult day programming allows us to offer participants structure and support.  Our staff engages the whole person – mind, body and spirit – by integrating memory support, health and wellness and creative arts therapies (music, art, drama and dance),  into each day’s activities.  Sensory experiences, word games, intergenerational events, entertainment, celebrations, discussion and reminiscence groups are an integral part of the everyday experience at ADS.

CJE SeniorLife Adult Day Services Offers:

  • Caring, professional staff with training in dementia and other aging issues.
  • Valuable respite for caregivers.
  • A full spectrum of enriching activities, including ccreative arts, socialization and programs designed to meet the individual’s physical, cognitive and emotional needs.
  • Individual needs assessment upon enrollment.
  • Individual care plans created and regularly reviewed.
  • Wellness programs and support groups for members and the caregiver.



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